CNN news reader Jake Tapper said Tuesday night after the first explosive presidential debate that President Trump made his female friend’s 6th grade daughter “burst into tears” and she “had to run to bed” because she was “so appalled” by Trump.

Jake Tapper says his friend’s 6th grade daughter “burst into tears, had to run to bed” because she was “so appalled” by Trump during debate.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 30, 2020

I’m sure a lot of CNN reporters did the same.

Chuck Ross, a reporter for The Daily Caller, said David Axelrod claimed in a successive segment that Trump made a friend’s “12-year-old” cry.

Both Tapper and Axelrod, in successive segments, relay messages they received from friends who said their young kids — a 6th grader and a 12-year-old — burst into tears watching the debate. So that’s what we’re doing now.

— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) September 30, 2020

It must have been hard for her seeing mommy’s hero getting steamrolled.

My high school DAUGHTER loved it. We were cracking up as a family. Total entertainment for 90 minutes!

— Pocatello82 (@pocatello82) September 30, 2020

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