Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” network contributor Ana Navarro accused the Trump administration of being irritated Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is not “dying” of cancer, but instead choosing to live with it by criticizing Trump.

“First of all, I’m dying — Amy, you’re dying,” Navarro said. “We are all dying. We just don’t know when. I think, frankly, what’s happening here is the White House is irritated John McCain is not dying of cancer. He’s living with cancer. And he is choosing to make every single day on this earth something that’s meaningful and counts. He is still confronting Trump for his outrages. He is still speaking conscience and conviction and principle.”

“He is reminding Republicans what we used to be,” she added. “It’s very irritating to the White House, I suspect, on this torture issue because McCain speaks with a moral certitude that few can, of that of a man that was actually tortured for years — who has experienced in his own bones and his own skin and has got the scars to show for it. So no, John McCain is not dying with cancer. He is living with cancer.

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