A CNN panel questioned whether President Donald Trump’s condolences in the wake of a shooting on a California synagogue on Saturday were sincere.

“I just wonder how much easier it would be for the president to set a tone if he just would maintain that tone,” former Congressional Black Caucus executive director Angela Rye said.

“We talked already about, Lisa, the way that he campaigned. And I think at a time like this, we of course want to be united, of course we desire to be hopeful and to be supportive of allies and friends that I’m sure many of us all have.”

“But it is very, very tricky to follow the tone of someone who, you know, regularly traffics in racism and fear-mongering and anti-immigrant sentiment, and all types of ways to further divide this country. So I hope that this moment is one that he uses to reset, period, not just when tragedy strikes.”

Host Don Lemon jumped in saying he wanted “to give the president his due,” but questioned whether that was possible.

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