CNN, the network that for the best part of 3 years pushed the conspiracy theory that President Trump colluded with Russia, and attacks Trump constantly every day, is now complaining that it isn’t fair that the network hasn’t been chosen to host a Presidential Debate.

CNN host Brianna Keillar noted Thursday that “The presidential debates are set and Fox News’ Chris Wallace will monitor the first between President Trump and Joe Biden.”

“The debate commission giving the September 29th face-off to Fox despite propaganda, dishonesty, and the fact that some Fox hosts advise President Trump,” Keillar added.

Reporter Oliver Darcy then joined Keillar, and the pair whined about how biased toward Trump Fox News is (even though Trump says almost every week that Fox News is unfair to him).

Yes, Chris Wallace is a great anchor. But his network has pushed disinfo, conspiracy theories & outright lies in support of the President. And by giving Fox the first debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates is rewarding one of most destructive forces in American politics.

— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) September 3, 2020

“You have to keep in mind that the network he [debate host Chris Wallace] works for has pushed propaganda, has pushed disinformation, has trafficked in lies,” Darcy proclaimed.

He then made perhaps the most hypocritical statement possible, “Their star hosts have made discrediting other news organizations and journalists a core tenet of their programs.”

This is coming from CNN, the network that literally lobbies tech companies to have other news organisations kicked off their platforms.

Darcy himself has led the attempted purge, actively trying, and succeeding in some cases, to get Facebook, Twitter and Google to censor his competition.

Darcy declared that the debate commission’s choice of Fox News’ Wallace to host the debate is a “slap in the face” to other networks, like CNN, which he claimed has reported “the truth no matter how costly it is,” and “haven’t bent the knee for this White House.”

Darcy’s assertion is, on it’s face, laughable:

but cnn would be completely impartial to TRump?

— Chiselhead 2 (@aginghunk77) September 3, 2020

Coming from a guy at CNN.

— Maue 🤘🏻 (@mikemaue1) September 3, 2020

You literally think Fox is an illegitimate news outlet?

And how do you distinguish between “disinfo” and the factual errors and misleading stuff CNN runs regularly without correction?

— Tim Carney (@TPCarney) September 3, 2020

True. Fox did not lie about @N1ckSandmann on a worldwide basis. You got me there.

— Quarantined Ego (@MyAlteredEgo) September 3, 2020

Right …….🙄🙄🙄disinformation

— I’m your Huckleberry (@MrDMummery) September 3, 2020

Wait. Did he actually say Fox has made discrediting other journalists

“a core TENANT”


— United We Stand (@BubbaReacts) September 3, 2020

— gavriel (@GaviPredescu) September 3, 2020


— Happ Martin (@HappMartin) September 3, 2020

Change a few words and he’s describing his operation.

— You Exist (@aeternumnal) September 3, 2020

You misspelled CNN.

— Engage Your Brain #ALLLIVESMATTER (@Brain_Pwr) September 3, 2020

From CNN which published articles on the Steel Dossier, this is hilarious!

— Jeff A (@Mithrandir48) September 3, 2020

This is rich coming from CNN.

— M. Simpson🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@mrsimpson66) September 3, 2020

Isn’t this a good thing, Oliver? Now you can see it because it will be on the only channel you ever watch.

— The Great and Unmatched Tim Carney (@TimCarneySTL) September 3, 2020

Hahahahaha. So sorry this is happening to you 😢

— Dr. Thomas (@senormet17) September 3, 2020

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