CNN announced yet more job layoffs as boss Jeff Zucker revealed the network is losing $10 million dollars a year.

When rumors of mass layoffs at CNN emerged weeks ago, network host Brian Stelter denied the story was accurate.

However, last week the majority of CNN’s Atlanta division, which focused on health care, was let go.

Now it is being reported that the network will make “substantial” cuts to its London-based operation, with a least a dozen employees losing their jobs.

The announcement was made by CNN boss Jeff Tucker at a meeting in central London earlier today.

The Guardian reported; “Staff, including some managers whose shows were affected, were given no advance warning of the announcement, according to some of those present. Zucker told them that the international channel was losing $10m (£8m) a year, according to those present.”

As we previously reported, in April CNN had its worst month for ratings in four years as the network lost 26 per cent of viewers compared to a year ago.

Given the fact that the network is hemorrhaging money and forcing to layoff staff, is it any surprise that CNN journalists are simultaneously lobbying for social media companies to silence their competition?

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