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February 14, 2020

It’s a case of good news, bad news, and good news for part of Australia, and it’s our first topic this Friday on CNN 10. Afterward, we’re discussing a new study concerning a major oil spill that occurred 10 years ago. A report on volcanic eruptions follows. And our show wraps with a story on how a sheep dog became a bird dog.WEEKLY NEWSQUIZ1. What was the name of the storm that struck the Bahamas on September 1, 2019, causing the damage from which the islands are struggling to recover?2. What U.S. awards ceremony was held on Sunday night, the 92nd such event that has seen a television ratings decline in recent years?Read More3. In London, an exhibition recently opened that features the work of what historic artist, whose name has stirred debate because so many people pronounce it differently?4. What U.S. state hosted its presidential primaries on Tuesday, which were the second contests in the presidential nomination process?5. Which two candidates (one Democrat and one Republican) won the most delegates in the primaries held on Tuesday?6. The cruise ship Diamond Princess, where at least 175 of the people who were aboard have been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus, is currently docked in what nation?7. A NASA/ESA spacecraft that recently launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida is headed for an elliptical orbit around what?8. In what African nation, which has 11 official languages, is new “Meerkat” technology being used to dramatically decrease the poaching of rhinos?9. In what Australian state are all major wildfires now contained, allowing rescuers to focus on helping people rebuild?10. A new study suggests that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill might have been 30 percent bigger than originally thought. In what body of water did it occur?Click for a printable version of the Weekly Newsquiz.TRANSCRIPTClick here to access the printable version of today’s CNN 10 transcript.CNN 10 serves a growing audience interested in compact on-demand news broadcasts ideal for explanation seekers on the go or in the classroom. The show’s priority is to identify stories of international significance and then clearly describe why they’re making news, who is affected, and how the events fit into a complex, international society.Thank you for using CNN 10

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