Clarke Peters, who recently co-starred with Chadwick Boseman in “Da 5 Bloods,” has shared a poignant life lesson based on his experience on set with the actor, who died last week.

On “Good Morning Britain,” Peters became emotional as he confessed that he judged his co-star for having an attentive support team with him while they were shooting the movie.

Boseman’s family announced that he died at age 43 after a private, years-long struggle with colon cancer.

“I have to say with a little bit of regret that I probably wasn’t the most altruistic in that environment, but hindsight teaches us a lot of things,” Peters said. “What I’m addressing is basically my wife asked what Chadwick was like. I was really excited to work with him. I said, ‘I think he’s a little bit precious.’ And she said, ‘Why?’ And I said, ‘Because he’s surrounded by people who are fawning over him.’

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“He’s got a Chinese practitioner who’s massaging his back when he walks off set. He’s got a makeup lady who’s massaging his feet. His girlfriend is there holding his hand,” Peters continued. “And I’m thinking, maybe the ‘Black Panther’ thing went to his head.”

“I regret even having those thoughts because they were really looking after him,” he added, fighting back tears.

Peters also recalled Boseman running with him in 104-degree weather while carrying heavy equipment. The two were on location in Thailand for Spike Lee’s Vietnam war drama, which was released in June.

Lee has remembered the late actor’s dedication to his role despite his hidden health struggles. At the Brooklyn MJ Block Party over the weekend, the director said he’d been floored by the news of his death, according to People.

“We filmed Da 5 Bloods in Thailand, and it was hot, jungles, mountains, and Chadwick was there with us all the way,” Lee said, according to People. “I never, ever suspected that anything was wrong. No one knew he was going through treatment, chemotherapy.”

We all can learn a lesson in this…

— Loni Love (@LoniLove) September 1, 2020

“Good Morning Britain” host Sean Fletcher thanked Peters for speaking freely about his mistake.

“Your honesty, I mean, to be honest about what you said to your wife about him when you didn’t actually know and you weren’t to know,” he said.

Many social media users joined in that sentiment.

Clarke Peters being human enough to acknowledge his mistake is EXACTLY what I needed today. If I could stop tearing up. 🙏🏽

— MylesPerHour (@MylesPH) September 1, 2020

I wish people could talk more freely like this without immediately being condemned. I think many of us would have been thinking the same thing as Mr. Peters if we were in his shoes. And that’s okay. Situations like this help us to evolve as people. There’s nothing wrong with it

— Jordan Jackson (@Jordan_Fadeaway) September 1, 2020

Massive respect for him for publicly owning up like that. It’s a strong lesson for all of us to avoid judging people at face value. I just hope one day more people break away from this judgemental gossip culture we live on.

— KC Smith (@KayCSmooth) September 1, 2020

This is a teachable moment for many people. So many people make assumptions and they just don’t really know why people are the way they are.

— Tanya Callender Moncur🇧🇸 (@TanyaMoncur) September 1, 2020

Such an amazing teachable moment to admit when you make a mistake..also to never judge people that you don’t know. You don’t know their circumstances. You don’t know what battles they are fighting! Ugh this made me cry. Clarke, thank you for being transparent and for apologizing.

— 🍒BZ🍒 (@mn212_bz) September 1, 2020

Watch the full interview below.

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