Judge Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford has raised over $750,000 through multiple GoFundMe campaigns to cover “expenses” related to her testimony.

As of the early morning of September 28th, the “Help Christine Blasey Ford” campaign total stood at $473,622 of a $150,000 goal.

The “Cover Dr. Blasey’s security costs” campaign has raised $209,987 of a $175,000 goal.

A host of other similar campaigns for Ford raised around another $100,000.

Ford did manage to work a plug in for her GoFundMe campaigns during her testimony:

"Her lawyers have paid for her polygraph … as is routine," Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers tell prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who is asking questions for GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. pic.twitter.com/R4jCPeX2fH

— PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) September 27, 2018

Hopefully, she can use the funds to buy much-needed coffee!

VIDEO: Christine Blasey Ford gets her request for coffee personally delivered to her by @CoryBooker while she sat at the witness table in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. pic.twitter.com/HzuymqrDXU

— Detroit Free Press (@freep) September 27, 2018

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