MSNBC’s Chris Matthews wants to know why Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) doesn’t hate white people.

Harris created one of the most memorable moments of the Democratic presidential debate Thursday when she challenged former Vice President Joe Biden on his recent comments about how he worked with segregationists during his time in the Senate. Harris spoke of her childhood and neighbors who forbade their kids from playing with her because she was black. And she specifically called out Biden for opposing busing programs for school integration because she herself was bussed to school in just such a program.

After the debate, Matthews asked her:

Here is @HardballChris asking @KamalaHarris how did you "not have hatred toward white people generally?" right after telling her he doesn't like the word race

— Celeste Lavin (@celestelavin) June 28, 2019

Harris’ reaction became an instant GIF:

Senator Harris, do you hate white people? …

— Strykr VII (@StrykrSeven) June 28, 2019

“Most Americans do not conduct themselves that way and most parents don’t conduct themselves that way,” she said, adding:

So there was no need to create a broad application because of that one experience. But we cannot deny that there are many children ― black children ― in America who have had that experience, children of color who have had that experience be they Latino, Asian or black. That has happened. That happens in America.

Twitter users called out Matthews for asking such a question:

Chris Matthews just asked Kamala Harris how she didn’t grow up to hate white people.I. AM. NOT. KIDDING.

— A Cruel Angel's Netflix (@untimelygamer) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews asking Kamala in genuine sincerity how she grew up to not hate all white people is a lot

— Leslie Pitterson (@lesliepitterson) June 28, 2019

@MSNBC OMG 😂 Chris Matthews asked Kamala Harris why she doesn't hate White people after her busing incident. The look she gave him was priceless. Chris, honey, Black folks don't get made at 1 White person & then take it out on the race. That's a "Liam Neeson and racist thing!

— Lynda D Brown Author (@LyndaDBrown) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews interviewing Kamala:– referred to segregationists as "old seggies"– said: "ethnicities. I don't like the word race––ethnicities."– asked Kamala how she doesn't hate all white people, generally

— Jesse Lehrich (@JesseLehrich) June 28, 2019

Y’all… @HardballChris asking @KamalaHarris how she doesn’t hate white people tonight after the debate… that was wild. Seriously!? Woooooooow. She answered gorgeously obviously.

— Kendra Clarke (@itsclarkwithane) June 28, 2019

I’m not being hyperbolic, he literally asked if her experience with the neighborhood kids not being allowed to play with her made her “hate white people generally.” THE FUCK, CHRIS.

— Jessica Ellis (@baddestmamajama) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews: “how did you not hate white people?” Kamala:

— UCLA Alum (@CAGirlinSF) June 28, 2019

Why would she hate White people Chris?

— Lynn V (@lynnv378) June 28, 2019

His post-interview with Sen. Harris was cringeworthy. “I don’t like the word race. Let’s say ethnicity.” “Why don’t you hate white people?” “Is Biden finished? How can he come back from this?” Just awful. She handled it well, but yikes.

— khadijah m. davis (@khadijahmdavis) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews just asked Kamala Harris how she managed to grow up in the U.S. and not hate white people. Goodnight, y'all. #DemDebate2

— Gail Drakes (@GailDrakes) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews seemed incredulous that Kamala Harris doesn’t hate white people even though she experienced racism during childhood. Millions of us, black and brown people have & continue to experience racism and we don’t hate white people.

— Juliana (@KRGMOM) June 28, 2019

Chris Matthews just asked Kamala Harris why she didn't hate white people b/c her white neighbor wouldn't let her kids play w/her. Is that a real question? Does he think all women hate men b/c we all sure as shit experienced misogyny at one time or another?

— Wendy A (@aschie30) June 28, 2019

I hate to ask this, but it’s a thought I have every couple months: How is this man still on television?

— Tre'vell Anderson (@TrevellAnderson) June 28, 2019 Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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