Former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway should be remembered for one thing and for one thing only, according to Chris Hayes.

Hayes, the host of MSNBC’s “All In,” on Tuesday showed video footage of Conway insisting to a reporter in March that the coronavirus was “being contained” in the United States.

“Do you not think it’s being contained in this country?” Conway asked the journalist. “You said ‘it’s not being contained,’ so are you a doctor or a lawyer when you saying it’s not being contained? That’s false. You just said something that’s not true.”

Hayes described Conway’s response as “condescending” and suggested “that moment” should “be what everyone remembers about Kellyanne Conway, maybe the only thing they remember about her contribution to public life.”

“And that tone, seen there, that petulant tone ― it has not changed in six months as we tick towards 200,000 dead Americans,” Hayes added. “It’s why we are where we are today.”

Check out the clip here:

.@chrislhayes recalls Kellyanne Conway insisting the virus was “contained” back in March:“That moment, by the way, should be what everyone remembers about Kellyanne Conway. Maybe the only thing they remember about her contribution to public life.”

— All In with Chris Hayes (@allinwithchris) September 9, 2020

Conway announced her resignation from her role as senior counselor to the president in August, citing the need to spend more time with her family.

Twitter users reminded Hayes of other notorious moments from Conway’s time working with Trump, from her hyping of “alternative facts” to the fabrication of a massacre.

Nah, “alternative facts” is number one on my hit parade. She ain’t no damn good.

— Deborah Taylor (@shackle52) September 9, 2020

I got to remember her last week as the purveyor of the “bowling green massacre” lie.

— alison p. (@ChicagoAli) September 9, 2020

alternative facts

— The Ghost of George Conway (@gtconway3dg) September 9, 2020

Other critics pointed out that, far from being contained in the U.S., COVID-19 has now killed at least 190,000 and the nationwide death toll predicted to more than double by January 2021.

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