The decision to release the redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report on Thursday morning may have been criticized in some quarters, given its proximity to the Easter and Passover holidays.

But CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued on Friday why he believed Attorney General William Barr planned to “let it get lost in our vacations and holy days,” but it had backfired because the timing of its release was actually “perfect.”

“This is the time we get with family, we get deep, we examine articles of faith and I argue it is the time to do the same about our politics,” said the host of “Cuomo Prime Time.”

“Christians define this time as about rebirth and renewal,” he continued. “So, let’s do that when it comes to our political culture. Let’s think about wanting the best from these men and women, picking the best of these men and women, surrendering nothing of value to us as we weigh in on other aspects of our life.”

Check out Cuomo’s full monologue here:

Ironically, Barr released this report now to let it be lost in our vacations and holy days, but I think it is perfect. This is the time we get with family, and we examine our deepest articles of faith. I argue it is time to do the same about our politics.

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