CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday explained why President Donald Trump may actually be correct with his claim to be “the chosen one.”

During a monologue centered on Trump’s most recent stoking of racial tensions, Cuomo said he’d “argue he is the one chosen at this time to make you decide what you want your country to be about.”

“This president is a living, breathing, tweeting example of a very different America than the one that made us great,” said Cuomo. “And you will choose and look at everything that happens through that lens.”

Check out the full segment here:

.@chriscuomo: Pres. Trump soon leaves for the G7 summit in France and there is nothing this President loves more than high-minded multilateral meetings with other world leaders… Kidding! He hates these things which is weird since it's such a big part of the job.

— Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) August 24, 2019

Trump claimed earlier this week that he was “the chosen one” to take on China over trade, a comment he has since played down as sarcasm.

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