Cookie brand Chips Ahoy! promoted “drag moms” and drag queens in a Mother’s Day advertisement on Sunday.

The bizarre ad features a drag queen named “Vanessa Vanjie Mateo” calling for everybody to thank their mothers and “Get These Cookies.”

“I am so thankful to have a mother like mine who supports me through all my craziness and loves on me buys me Chips Ahoy cookies — chewy, the original — everything under the sun, my mama knows I love my cookies — so get those cookies,” Mateo said.

#HappyMothersDay to your moms, your drag moms and everyone who celebrates you being YOU. #GetTheseCookies @VanessaVanjie ❤️

— Chips Ahoy! (@ChipsAhoy) May 12, 2019

“So what’s the sweet gesture for you to do to your mama? Your real mama – your drag mama, which ever mama…”

Despite the fact that roughly 0.3% of the U.S. population identifies as transgender, it’s curious as to why Chips Ahoy! – which mostly markets to children – opted to feature a “drag queen” AKA a grown man to represent mothers on Mother’s Day.

Classy spokesperson @ChipsAhoy

— Jim Wadkins Jr. (@JimWadkinsJr) May 12, 2019

The truth is that the globalist-corporate combine is trying to shove its civilization-collapsing far-left agenda down the nation’s throat, targeting America’s children in particular.

Just last week, popular shoe company Converse rolled out “drag kid” Desmond Is Amazing as their new spokesperson for an LGBTQ shoe line.

We’re happy to launch our Pride Collection, partnering with six individuals connected to the LGBTQ+ community who show the power of expressing one’s true self. Contributions are supporting @ItGetsBetter @OutMetroWest & @FenwayHealth.

— Converse (@Converse) May 6, 2019

Patrick Casey, head of the American Identity Movement, joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to discuss how his team planned and executed their infiltration into a drag queen story time event in New Orleans, LA dressed as ‘Honkler’ inspired clowns to expose the pedophiles beneath the surface.

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