Former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by tweeting that white people should “think about what it must be like to not be white” on the national holiday. 

The 42-year-old comedian’s post read, “Happy Martin Luther King day to a true hero. This day means more today than it ever has. We all must honor the spirit of his fairness and equality and tireless search for justice. It is up to white people to honor Dr King, and to think about what it must be like to not be white.”

In addition to her first tweet about Dr. King, Handler, who is a well known critic of the Trump administration, re-tweeted a photo of Dr. King placing his hand over Trump’s mouth, adding the comment: “Yeah, seriously. Don’t speak today.”

After the cancelation of her Netflix show in October, Handler announced that she would be spending more time focusing on political activism. The “Chelsea” host cited one of the main reasons for the show ending was Trump’s presidency, which inspired the comedian to become a more “engaged citizen.”

On Jan. 10, Handler made headlines once again for her tweet following the president’s meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers on the topic of immigration. Handler directed her anger at South Carolina senator Lindsay Graham.

“Hey, @LindsayGrahamSC what kind of d–k sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?”

Handler’s tweet gathered more than 20,000 likes, but the former talk show host was also widely criticized for the crude tweet and called homophobic.

But despite the end of her talk show and with a new focus on politics, Handler will continue to work with Netflix on a new documentary featuring her talking to “people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies.”

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