The Academy Awards are just six weeks away and there’s still no host lined up. But, stoner comedy legends Cheech and Chong say they’re ready to light up the Oscars.

Tommy Chong shared a clip of himself and Cheech Marin offering their services for the Feb. 24 broadcast:

Should we host the Oscars? Comment below and retweet this. Im reading all the comments below ?

— Tommy Chong (@tommychong) January 13, 2019

Comic/actor Kevin Hart pulled out as the show’s host after old homophobic tweets resurfaced, and no one has been named to replace him yet.

The broadcast may end up going without a host and simply use a number of celebrities to share the duties. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the stars of “The Avengers” may also play a role in the ceremony, but it’s still not clear what form the show will take.

So could Cheech and Chong step in and light up? The possibility burned up Twitter with plenty of pot puns:

The Oscars would be so lit they'd go up in smoke.

— Chess (@Chess_1967) January 13, 2019

Only if it's a joint venture.

— Aaron Goldstein (@aargold24) January 13, 2019

that would be dope

— Tom Dutch (@_Tom_Dutch_) January 13, 2019

Yes! It’s high time this happened!!

— Chris Simon (@ChrisWSimon) January 13, 2019

— ΞLΞVΞNTH (@3L3V3NTH) January 13, 2019

Oscar’s not here, man…Oh. You mean the show. HA! Hell, yes, brothers!

— Colin Thomson (@IamColinThomson) January 13, 2019

I mean, this makes PERFECT SENSE. We need this right now. Desperately. Chill Dudes, LAUGHTER

— MichelleKrane (@Reelhousewife1) January 14, 2019

Until I read this tweet, I could have cared less about who hosted Oscars (haven't watched for years – don't care), but I'd definitely watch parts of it if they went an unorthodox direction and got Cheech and Chong to host, haha

— Centrist Independent EIC at (@UnitersCentrist) January 14, 2019 Download

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