Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk allegedly ordered police to bar Catholic conservative commentator Nick Fuentes from his event at Politicon on Sunday.

Fuentes is a fierce critic of Kirk’s and many of his fans have been politely asking Kirk a bunch of hard questions at his events recently with hilarious results.

The Turning Point USA leader appears to have finally hit his breaking point.

Just tried to enter Charlie Kirk’s event at Politicon and I was surrounded by probably a dozen police officers who told me I wasn’t allowed to enter the event, no justification given. Incredible. Will post the video below momentarily!

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 27, 2019

Video of me being singled out and blocked from entering Charlie Kirk’s event, part one: pic.twitter.com/easae11PlT

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 27, 2019

Part two: pic.twitter.com/aPVBe0Zoo2

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 27, 2019

Video from earlier of me being accosted by police for approaching Charlie Kirk to take a picture with him: pic.twitter.com/L4yMUPdE0M

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 27, 2019

Confirmed: they cancelled the Q&A because of me lol https://t.co/A3O3UasXCS

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) October 27, 2019

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YouTuber Nuance Bro said he witnessed a mic for a planned Q&A being removed while inside the event:

They cancelled the Q&A for @charliekirk11 vs @KyleKulinski . I saw them remove the mic. So I left. Such a cowardly move by Charlie

— Nuance Bro 🌹(@Politicon) (@NuanceBro) October 27, 2019

.@charliekirk11 is too scared to allow @NickJFuentes in to hear his speech at Politicon. Charlie using law enforcement as personal security to protect him from free speech is based pic.twitter.com/RiCs9bAsYV

— josh (@JoshLeCash) October 27, 2019

Interview with @NickJFuentes after TPUSA has #Politicon security not let him into the debate between Charlie Kirk and Kyle Kulinski. pic.twitter.com/MelgqLkjZ0

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) October 28, 2019

How can you claim to be a free speech organization and believe in the “free market of ideas” while barring certain individuals from events for their beliefs?

— Jaden McNeil 🇺🇸 (@McNeilJaden) October 27, 2019

Inside the event, Kirk was lamenting the “death of free speech”:

Literally while barring @nickjfuentes from the event, Charlie Kirk explains in his debate with Kyle Kulinski how the death of free speech is ‘concerning’ pic.twitter.com/VHJiRupoMO

— Huncho Jack (@NickerNation) October 28, 2019

As Charlie said this I saw security removing the mic stand. I went up and asked the security guard “where is the microphone? Will there be a Q&A?” He said no questions for this event…. https://t.co/A0Tip86dYG

— Nuance Bro 🌹(@Politicon) (@NuanceBro) October 28, 2019

That’s Conservatism, Inc. for you, ladies and gentlemen.

As I reported on Friday, Kirk’s TPUSA put on a “free speech” event last week where they had “conservative” YouTuber Hunter Avallone claim Big Tech targeting conservatives for censorship was a myth.

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