Charles Barkley is apparently the only one allowed to talk bad about Shaquille O’Neal.

“NBA on TNT” aired a clip Thursday of Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas having a conversation with his children and one them called Shaq fat.

Shaq denied being fat, saying he has a “four-pack.”

Barkley defended his co-analyst, joking only he can call Shaq fat. He then added he was going to punch the boy in his eye.

“Hey, listen, we’re a team here at Turner Sports,” Barkley stated.

Shaq interrupted, “I don’t need you to back me up.”

“Next time I see you, little kid, I’m going to punch you in the left eye,” Barkley exclaimed. “You don’t talk bad about Shaquille O’Neal.”

He added, “You don’t come at Shaquille O’Neal like that.”

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