Celebrity trout pouts

Do these pouts make you want to pucker up, or bait a hook?

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Kylie Minogue

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue was seen arriving at the BBC Studios in London with a noticeable plumper pout.



Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn turned heads when she stepped out with noticeably-plumper lips (right). However, the star shared on Instagram that her new trout pout was purely due to makeup and not fillers.



Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera stepped out (left) to vote with noticeably plumper lips. Perhaps it was just a combination of pushing out her lips and heavy lipstick, but the singer definitely looks different these days.



Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak was spotted heading home to Atlanta from LA with a pout (left) that appeared to be more plump than it has looked in the past (right). The reality star has consistently denied any plastic surgery aside from having breast implants and a tummy tuck when she had surgery to fix a hernia after giving birth to her twins in 2013. Maybe Zolciak doesn’t count lip fillers as plastic surgery? Click here for more pics of the star on X17online.com.



McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney’s pout first became famous in 2012 when she made a face of disapproval that was seen around the world after she settled for silver at the Olympics. Now the athlete’s face is getting attention for another reason. Recent pictures of the star show her looking very different — and very enhanced — on social media. Click here for more pics on Hollywoodlife.com.




Kesha stepped out at LAX with lips that looked a lot fuller than they did a year ago on the red carpet. Has the singer had a little help with her appearance? Click here for more pictures of the star on X17online.com.






Courtney Stodden



Lisa Rinna

Rinna’s lips have always looked somewhat enhanced, but when the star stepped out recently with especially plump-looking lips we can’t help but wonder if she had a little more work done. For more pictures of Rinna, go to X17online.com.



Lindsay Lohan

Move over, Meg Ryan and Lisa Rinna, there’s a new crop of trout pouts in Hollywood! Lindsay Lohan’s lips aren’t the only things that look off in this picture, as the troubled star looks nothing like the fresh-faced girl she used to be. Click for more Lindsay pics here.



Kim Kardashian

The reality star has drastically changed her look since becoming famous for her homemade video with Ray J. She blamed her exaggerated lips (right) on “the flu.” We’ve heard of swollen glands, but swollen lips? Unlikely. Click for more Kim pics.



Megan Fox

The “Transformers” star has always had a pretty face, even though it miraculously keeps on changing. Tabloid reports say she has spent upwards of $60,000 in plastic surgery over the years.



Nicole Kidman

The actress went through a few years where she was barely recognizable but these days, it looks like just the lips are different.



Ashlee Simpson

Her hair color changes nearly as often as her lip size! The former “Melrose Place” star has gotten a total overhaul since her days on “7th Heaven.” Did she get a nose job? “As long as people have two eyes, you probably know the answer,” Jessica’s little sis says coyly. As for the rest of her face, Ashlee’s lips are sealed.



Jessica Biel

The more famous Jessica Biel gets, the more her lips seem to grow! Click here for more pics of the star on X17online.com.



Hilary Duff

It seems the Disney darling has been messing with her mouth. Hil got veneers in 2005, but are her lips larger, too?



Heidi Montag



Anna Faris

When she first broke out in Hollywood with “Scary Movie,” this funny gal was a thin-lipped brunette. These days, Anna’s bustin’ out all over!



Nikki Cox

Nikki’s always had lush lips, but the actress appears to have gone crazy with the injectables. These suckers are more than “plump” — they’re taking over her face! If Nikki’s goal was to one-up Lisa Rinna, then consider that mission accomplished.



Ashley Tisdale

The “High School Musical” star has admitted to a nose job, but something else looks a bit different too.



Jessica Simpson

The mom is known for her pout, and has admitted to surgically enhancing her pucker: “I had that Restylane stuff. It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that.” Good thing Jess came to her senses! Click for more Jess pics.



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