CBS has been sending out emails asking for an audience with all high-profile conservative commentators on YouTube this week, purporting the interviews to be part of a documentary about “political commentators online.”

The emails all seem to read, “Hello- My name is Justin Sherman and I am a freelance producer working with CBS News Originals team on a documentary about political commentators online.”

The emails further state that CBS is “hoping to ask about” topics such as “gaining a platform on YouTube,” “benefits the platform can provide,” “issues with the platform,” and “voices being banned from YouTube.”

You’re right. They literally are emailing everyone.

— Brittany Sellner (@BrittPettibone) January 9, 2020

Young conservative commentators such as Nick Fuentes, Faith Goldy, and Brittany Pettibone appear to be of particular interest to CBS.


— Faith J Goldy ✝️ 🍁 (@FaithGoldy) January 9, 2020

YouTube channels Coach Red Pill, Black Pigeon Speaks, and ramzpaul have also received the same email.

This looks like a GREAT opportunity. What should I talk to the nice men at CBS about? Thoughts?

— Felix Rex BPS (@navyhato) January 8, 2020

Alex Jones responds to Google /Youtube’s recent action of removing The Alex Jones Returns / Joe Rogan podcast from his most viewed playlist. Google wants to rewrite history in favor of the globalists.

There have been multiple attempts by mainstream media outlets to pressure social media platforms into cracking down on right-of-center speech.

Amongst the notable such instances is a recent 60 Minutes episode where YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was grilled about her platform’s reluctance to ban figures such as Nick Fuentes and Paul Joseph Watson for “conspiracy theories” and “hate speech.”

Many right-wing figures have speculated that these documentaries are not actually about stopping “hate,” but rather suppressing the speech of young media figures who pose a threat to the corporate media’s monopoly on information.

-gaining a following on YouTube-“HOW YOUTUBE PROMOTES NAZIS”

-benefits the platform can provide-“HOW YOUTUBE SHIELDS NAZIS”

-issues with the platform-“THIS IS WHAT YOUTUBE NEEDS TO DO MORE”

-voices being banned from YouTube-“YOUTUBE BANS SOME NAZIS INSTEAD OF ALL NAZIS”

— Noid (@CaptainNoid) January 9, 2020

The emails sent out by CBS have not been received warmly by the recipients, who are leery of being taken out of context and portrayed as domestic terrorists.

CBS wants to do a piece about my youtube channel? Yea hard to imagine what their angle will be with that subject. This is an obvious set-up to get me on camera for another media hit job, this guy wants to destroy my livelihood. He hates me. This is the only appropriate response:

— Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) January 9, 2020

I was also contacted by Justin Sherman, with exact same email this past Monday. Here’s my response in full.

— Gonzalo Lira (@realGonzaloLira) January 9, 2020

In related censorship news, comedian Sam Hyde was permanently banned from Twitter this week, with no explanation being provided other than “Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter rules.”

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