Biden’s DOJ blaming inner-city violence on White supremacy proves that the left is not interested in the truth, but craves power, “Candace” host Candace Owens told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Owens: They don’t want to tell people the truth, right? You brought up father absence. Of course, that’s a truth that would really hit home about how we need to get these families together. They’re not interested in the truth. They’re interested in power. In order to maintain power, the masses cannot know the truth…

It’s so painfully dishonest and you wonder why are they saying this? We know that Black-on-Black crime is a huge issue. We know that something near 95% of Black homicides are committed by other Black people. These are all things that we should be talking about and trying to get to the bottom of. Is that something to do with poverty? Yea, perhaps. Does it have anything to do with White supremacy? No, I don’t think when a gang member, a Black gang member kills another Black gang member, they phone each other up and say, ‘Well, we have to do this because of White supremacy.’ That’s definitely not what’s driving that. But the more interesting question to ask ourselves is, why is the Biden administration doing this? Why are they being so painfully and obviously dishonest? Are they not expecting people to call them out?


 Owens: Democrats aren't interested in truth, they're interested in power Video

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