Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens appeared on “Hannity” on Tuesday night following a hostile confrontation with protestors on the University of Pennsylvania campus.

Owens began by acknowledging that she “knew” what she was getting herself into but didn’t know “how ugly it could get.”

“I can’t believe this is the ‘tolerant’ left, but I think it’s really important to hold up a mirror to leftists and to expose them for exactly who and what they are,” Owens told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The communications director of Turning Point USA expressed that her “Blexit” movement, which is aimed at African Americans to “exit” the Democratic Party and vote Republican, is “resonating” in the black community and is why the opposition is “upping their attacks.”

“In 2020, the black vote is fully on the table,” Owens declared, “and they are petrified because they rely on the black vote. We are talking about moving it five points and the Democrat Party is toast. These antics that you’re seeing is really their fear.”


Owens also added that she had enough of going through basements and backdoors after events challenged other black Americans to “walk through the front door.”

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