Calls for podcaster Joe Rogan to host the next presidential debate are intensifying after the disastrous performance of moderator Chris Wallace.

Wallace was unable to control either candidate in Cleveland as Biden and Trump constantly interrupted each other throughout the night.

The Fox News host also displayed flagrant bias by abandoning his supposedly neutral role and becoming a third participant in the debate, interrupting Trump 5 times more than Biden.

Earlier this month, Rogan extended an invitation to both Trump and Biden for a 4 hour unedited debate. Trump almost immediately accepted, but the Biden campaign refused to even consider the offer.

Now we know why. Biden can only survive in a debate when the biased moderator is firmly on his side.

Twitter was flooded with calls for Rogan to step in and moderate the next debate.


— Mark Lutchman 🇺🇸 (@marklutchman) September 30, 2020

If @JoeBiden won’t go on @joerogan to debate @realDonaldTrump then I think the President should go on Joe Rogan anyways just to show Joe Biden how it’s done. #Debates2020

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) September 30, 2020

Regardless who you’re pulling for, I think we can all agree that Joe Rogan would do a much better job moderating this thing than Chris Wallace. #Debates2020

— Tyler Cardon (@TyCardon) September 30, 2020

Joe Rogan definitely should have moderated this debate

— Gretchen Lynn (@Bubola) September 30, 2020

We could have had Joe Rogan but we got Chris Wallace

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) September 30, 2020

Honestly thought Chris Wallace was a good choice. After tonight I can comfortably say Joe Rogan would have done a much better job. That’s the state of things.

— Richard Lewis (@RLewisReports) September 30, 2020

Enthusiasm for a Trump-Biden showdown moderated by Rogan is also reflected in a petition which is well on its way to receiving 300,000 signatures.

A poll by Hill-HarrisX also found that 69% of respondents wanted to see Rogan moderate a presidential debate, with 31% opposing the idea.

However, since the entire debate process is firmly controlled by pro-Biden mainstream media networks in order to manipulate public perception, don’t expect them to relinquish power any time soon.


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