A new attack ad from the progressive PAC MeidasTouch hits President Donald Trump close to home.

It takes the words of Donald Trump Jr. as he attacks former Vice President Joe Biden and turns them against the president:

In a statement released with the video, MeidasTouch said:

“The Trump children, propped up in this regime by the bizarre and shameless nepotism seen in banana republic dictatorships, represents the blend of incompetence, entitlement and cringeworthy hypocrisy that has propelled America into disaster we are now in under Trump.”

The video caused #ByeDonJr to trend on Twitter overnight, much like a previous video against Ivanka Trump ― a daughter of and adviser to the president ― caused #ByeIvanka to go viral.

MeidasTouch was founded by attorney Ben Meiselas, who represented former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his settlement with the NFL, along with his two brothers. Previous ads from the group have hit Jared Kushner ― Ivanka Trump’s husband ― and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, among others.

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