Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Buzzfeed reporter Anthony Cormier discussed the story, which claimed President Donald Trump directed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office has disputed the BuzzFeed report.

Cormier said, “I’m solid, my sources are solid. This reporting is accurate.”

He continued, “I’ve been a reporter for 20 years. My first job was on on the loading dock with Panama Journal Herald. They wouldn’t give me a job inside because I was too young. I’ve been doing this again and again and again. The same fundamentals I learned covering city hall, covering the police, covering courthouses, that stands today, those same skills, the same rigor to cover the White House. This is going to be borne out, Brian. This story is accurate.”

He added, “What we reported, that the president of the United States directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress is accurate. That is fundamentally accurate. We’re going to get inside the room where it happened and bare it out. We’ve taken this to ground. We’ll go further to get inside that room.”

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