Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle joined activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday and spoke on the role modern-day media outlets play in today’s society.

Boyle kicked off the panel discussion by giving the media a letter grade of “F,” or a “complete zero.”

“The entire fake news establishment media are broken,” Boyle told the audience. “They lie. The narratives that they push are designed to hurt the president and his supporters.”

Regarding the trust in media, Boyle reflected on the media’s incessant use of “anonymous sources.”

“A really good example of an anonymous source who lied to media outlets, Lanny Davis, who is Michael Cohen’s lawyer,” Boyle stated. “Lanny Davis lied to CNN reporter Carl Bernstein for a story that was based on a single anonymous source. We now know Lanny Davis was that single anonymous source. We know that the entire story was false. CNN refuses to correct the story.”

Boyle then raised the concern of media outlets attempting to hide blatant bias.

“The New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, all of these different media outlets are built on lies,” Boyle claimed. “They claim to their audiences that their reporters and editors do not have personal beliefs.”

“Why not just be honest with your audience about what it is that you cover and what belief system that you come from?” Boyle asked media reporters. “If they were just honest with their audience about what they personally believe, the reporters and editors, maybe they would start gaining some trust back.”

Boyle then discussed why he believes Breitbart’s viewership has been on the rise.

“There are tens of millions of people that come to Breitbart every month that refuse to read the New York Times or the Washington Post or CNN, or any of these other outlets because they don’t trust them. They come to Breitbart because they know where we are coming from.”

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