On today’s Breitbart News Daily Podcast, host Alex Marlow covers House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s record-breaking 8 hour and 32 minute speech on the House floor opposing Biden’s Build Back Better bill, which costs way more than President Brandon promised it would, according to the mostly Democrat Congressional Budget Office. Then, President Biden’s pick for Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova (a.k.a. the Commie from Cornell), somehow fared even worse than we expected in her Senate grilling. Also, did a Substack citizen journalist crack the code on Ivermectin? Maybe the “dewormer” narrative wasn’t entirely a hoax after-all! Today’s guest interview is a special long-form discussion with prodigy biopharmaceuticals CEO-turned culture warrior Vivek Ramaswamy. The Woke, Inc. author details how the government is using corporations to backdoor a radical agenda, which he considers an existential threat to our republic.

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