Sitting next to his younger brother, 6-year-old Riley, nine-year-old Bailey Cooper, middle, stayed alive long enough with terminal cancer to meet and name his newborn baby sister, Millie. (Cooper family/SWNS)

Nine-year-old Bailey Cooper had terminal cancer, but he nonetheless stayed alive at home in the U.K. long enough to meet and name his newborn baby sister.

According to The New York Post, his mom, Rachel, 28, said: “We didn’t think he would last that long, but he was determined to meet Millie. It got to the end of November and Millie was born. He hugged her and did everything an older brother would do — change her, wash her, sing to her.”

Her husband, Lee, 30, added: “Doctors said he was going to go before Millie was born. He didn’t. He fought, and on the way to the hospital, he said, ‘We should call her Millie.’”

Bailey was found to have non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2016. He began chemotherapy and steroid medication, the news outlet said.

After a back-and-forth of remission and relapse, the doctors finally said they couldn't do anything further. The cancer had spread too far throughout Bailey’s body: lumps were found in his chest, lungs, liver and stomach.

His parents noticed his decline sped up after Millie was born.

They also noticed that Bailey seemed to think more of his younger brother, 6-year-old Riley, when asked what he wanted for Christmas.

Bailey died on Christmas Eve.

The boy knew he was dying, and had planned his own funeral — asking that all guests dress up in superhero outfits.

He told his parents in their last family gathering: “You’re only allowed to cry for 20 minutes. You have to take care of Riley and Millie.”

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