President Donald Trump highlighted one of his supporters on Thursday who made a video message detailing what the president means to him.

The African-American man, Gary Lamb, began the almost ten-minute video message by thanking Independent journalist Tim Pool, who helped make his video message a viral sensation.

“To me, Trump is a freaking God sent,” Lamb said in the video. “To me, Trump is life. To me, Trump is a second chance.”

“I don’t have the luxury to worry about Roe v. Wade,” Lamb continued. “I don’t have the luxury to worry about that. I’m too busy trying to keep my family fed to think about that, and for the first G*ddamn time in my life, I actually see a way out. I see a way out. Something I’ve never seen before.”

Thank you, I will never let you down!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 24, 2020

“If Biden gets into office, I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Lamb continued. “So I’m saying thank you to you. You unlocked me and I’m sure you unlocked a lot of people. There’s a silent majority out there, man. I talk to them every day.”

Lamb also said those in the silent majority are “workers like me who didn’t care about politics, didn’t think about politics, and didn’t want to talk about politics.”

Lamb continued by telling a story about a discussion he had with an “Arab,” who proudly told Lamb about his support for Trump. “I got people who I work with on a daily basis who are saying, ‘We gotta do something.’”

President Trump responded to the video message with a tweet that contained a portion of the video, saying “I will never let you down.”

Pool shared Trump’s tweet to his feed and said he is “eternally grateful” for Lamb’s ability to tell his story.

Gary Lamb

Stood up and told his story

The President noticed

I'm humbled and eternally grateful for your words

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) September 24, 2020

“Gary Lamb Stood up and told his story,” Pool wrote. “The President noticed. I’m humbled and eternally grateful for your words.”

Lamb’s full video, titled Message to Tim Pool, can be seen here.

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