The gang on “The Big Bang Theory” has never been busier, except for its most difficult member. When Sheldon cracks down on finding a new project, the rest of the group pair off in unexpected ways to accomodate in Season 11, Episode 13.

The episode opens with the group having dinner and discussing upcoming projects. Howard and Raj’s band, Footprints on the Moon, has an unexpected gig at a bar mitzvah. This means they’ll have to rehearse. Meanwhile, Leonard is making some impressive breakthroughs at work. When the topic turns to Sheldon, he gets very defensive about the lack of new projects he’s dealing with.

Later, they go home and he temporarily kicks his fiancee, Amy, out of the apartment so he can buckle down. This turns out to be an unexpected treat for Leonard, who finds a lot in common with her as they begin to bond over being mutual spelling bee champions and ameteur chemists. Sheldon, on the other hand, is having trouble with the solitude and lack of new ideas. When his mother calls, he finds himself getting distracted with less-important problems such as calculating the odds that she’d run into an old friend at the store.

“My mother kept answering when I called even though she knew I was busy,” he laments to Penny later on.

After finding Leonard and Amy unbearable, she ventured across the hall to hang out with Sheldon of all people. Funny-enough, she knocked three times on the door while calling Sheldon’s name.

“It’s annoying when you do it,” he said.

Gripes aside, she proved to be exactly what the genius physicist needed. She acts as a sounding board for his ideas, and the necessity to dumb his language down for her actually helps him travel down an interesting path in solving string theory.

Meanwhile, Raj and Howard are having too much trouble rehearsing at Howard’s place given his baby and wife on bedrest. It doesn’t take long before he has to respectfully bow out of the band due to his tight schedule. This prompts Raj to enlist the help of Bert, their geologist friend.

It turns out he’s got a pretty great song written from the point of view of the boulder that chases Indiana Jones in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” However, when the time comes for their big gig, it turns out that Bert is a bit too hardcore for their 13-year-old audience as he describes in gory detail what will happen to a human being if crushed by a boulder.

The episode ends with a sweaty Raj on stage wondering how he’s going to get out of this one.

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