Twitter users delighted at the reported imminent reversal of a Trump-era rule on Friday.

President Joe Biden’s administration intends to nix Trump’s rollback of water efficiency standards for showerheads that sought to dramatically increase the amount of water that could be poured per minute, per the Associated Press.

As president, Trump would often gripe about low water pressure. He once whined about having to stand under the shower longer “because my hair … has to be perfect, perfect.”

Watch the video here:

“The Trump era rule that was also a Seinfeld episode,” one Twitter user responded to the news, referencing this storyline from the hit sitcom:

Others mocked Trump’s laser-like focus on the issue:


— Eric Geller (@ericgeller) July 16, 2021

So much cartoonish nonsense to undo

— And Solo💯🇳🇬 (@and1grad) July 16, 2021

Mr. Trump is going to have to learn to wash his hair with less water – so much for regulation by pet peeve….

— Senator Scott Surovell (@ssurovell) July 16, 2021

Old Man Yells at Shower pretty much sums up the last Administration and its laser-like focus on important national priorities.

— Norbizness™ (@norbizness_2021) July 16, 2021

Why is this so satisfying?

— Nafisa Haji (@nafisahaji) July 16, 2021

lol….Trump…ever the big issue activist

— BMac (@deskspud) July 16, 2021

This is the only reason he ran for POTUS

— Jill Pleeter (@JillPleeter) July 16, 2021

The Trump era rule that was also a Seinfeld episode

— john francis (@realjohnfrancis) July 16, 2021

Trump didn’t understand that some kinds of filth can’t be washed off no matter how much water is coming out of the spigot

— John Dorsey (@johndorsey) July 16, 2021

Tonight on @TuckerCarlson: “Biden, the dems, and the socialist…they want to take your showers they want you to shower only when they approve of it *stupid tucker face*”

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