Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke (D), still struggling to crack three percent in most polls, took a break from the campaign trail to grill some burgers, according to a video posted Friday.

The video surfaced last week, showing the former Texas lawmaker grilling a burger on a stovetop and placing a slice of cheese on the patty, slightly off-center. He appears to serve the dish with a side of broccoli– an unusual companion for the American classic. At a glance, it looks like he places the patty on an English muffin– another unconventional choice for such a meal:

Beto makes a burger

— Behind 2020 (@Behind2020) August 24, 2019

It remains unclear how O’Rourke – a fierce climate change activist who once called the phenomenon the “greatest existential threat” we face – reconciles serving red meat, as many climate change alarmists attribute the festering climate “crisis,” in part, to beef consumption:

Climate change is our greatest existential threat. If you believe voters deserve to hear how every candidate will meet this challenge, add your name.

— Beto O'Rourke (@BetoORourke) August 24, 2019

This is far from the first time O’Rourke has attempted to remind the American people that he is “just like them.”

There is also a video of O’Rourke changing a tire:

Flying on a commercial flight:

Getting a haircut:

Going to the dentist:

Beto O’Rourke's latest Instagram video filming his dentist visit highlights his hygienist's experiences growing up near the U.S.-Mexico border.

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) January 11, 2019

And going for a casual jog:

O’Rourke is currently averaging 2.8 percent in the polls, according to Real Clear Politics.

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