Now that Donald Trump’s former economic adviser Larry Kudlow has taken his words of wisdom from the White House to Fox News, he wants the nation to know that President Joe Biden is plotting to force Americans to drink “plant-based beer.”

Egads. Apparently the man who declared COVID-19 “contained close to airtight” before more than 570,000 Americans died is not talking about the beer everyone drinks now. That’s typically made from grains, hops and yeast — and not an ounce of steak. (Additives may include animal products, like gelatin, but beer is definitely plant based.)

The bonkers brewhaha was part of Kudlow’s raging criticism on Fox Business Friday against the proposed Green New Deal, which he claimed would end the country’s consumption of meat, eggs, cheese and dairy. None of that’s true; there’s nothing in the text of the measure that would ban those products. (Check out Kudlow’s rant beginning in the video above at 0:55.)

Nevertheless, he insisted that Americans would be left to “grill” Brussels spouts on July 4th (which are apparently bad not only because they’re vegetables but also first became popular in Brussels, so not very nativist), and drink that horrible beer.

“Speaking of stupid,” he begins. “America has to, get this, America has to stop eating meat, stop eating poultry and fish, seafood, eggs, dairy and animal-based fats. Okay, got that? No burgers on July 4th. No steaks on the barbecue … So get ready. You can throw back a plant-based beer with your grilled Brussels sprouts and wave your American flag.”

Kudlow’s jaw-dropping goof, possibly his most delicious ever, was red meat to critics on Twitter.

TBH, I’ve been drinking plant-based beer for years. And it’s pretty close to the real thing!

— Prof. Zak Taylor (@mzak123) April 24, 2021

I think most people will be ok with plant-based beer if they just give it a chance.

— bearistotle (@gnrosenberg) April 24, 2021

#FoxNews Larry Kudlow warns that #Biden #climate plan will require we all drink "plant based beer". Now I'm searching for that meat-based beer he's been drinking.

— Peter Sinclair (@PeterWSinclair) April 25, 2021


— Aria (@arialigi) April 24, 2021

Is plant-based beer Biden's Katrina?

— New York Times Pitchbot (@DougJBalloon) April 24, 2021

„plant-based beer“ – Instant classic, that one

— Ben Singer (@BenBCDE) April 24, 2021

So this seems to be the latest right-wing attempt to smear Bidenomics. There is, of course, nothing about eliminating meat in Biden's plans; so this is like the imaginary mobs that burned our cities to the ground 1/

— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) April 24, 2021

If you read what Kudlow actually said, he's cagey — doesn't say that Biden proposed this, only that some people say this is what would happen. But Fox viewers won't notice, which is the intention 2/

— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) April 24, 2021

I look forward to drinking a "plant-based beer" with friends and family on July 4

— Chip Christian (@chipchristian) April 24, 2021

I drink plant-based beers exclusively, myself. Cheers! 🍻

— Raul Montemayor® (@RaulM956) April 24, 2021 Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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