Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus took home the gold in the 400-meter freestyle event at the Olympics on Monday. Katie Ledecky of Team USA took silver and China’s Li Bingjie won the bronze.

And if there were a medal for reactions, Titmus’ coach, Dean Boxall, probably would’ve captured a gold of his own.

Boxall went viral with his post-race exuberance:

when the preworkout kicks in #TokyoOlympics

— #TokyoOlympics (@NBCOlympics) July 26, 2021

“He means everything to me,” Titmus said of her coach after the event, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. She said she saw him crying as she put on the medal.

“It was actually hard to contain it. I could see Dean on the other side bawling his eyes out,” she said. “You don’t see that that often, so that made me want to tear up.”

On Twitter, people just couldn’t get over Boxall’s celebration. So, naturally he became an instant Olympic meme:

Spare a thought for the Japanese official in the background who’s read a 400-page Covid compliance manual that contained precisely no detail of how to deal with this

— The Shovel (@TheShovel) July 26, 2021

Live look at Australian swim coach Dean Boxall

— Michael Jett (@MichaelRyanJett) July 26, 2021

I’ll have what Dean Boxall is having.

— Ben Stevens (@BenScottStevens) July 26, 2021

Synced up Pete Weber’s infamous who do you think you are,I am with Dean Boxall reaction to Titmus’ gold medal performance and honestly I’m surprised that it fits so well

— Sam (@_SamanthaCleary) July 26, 2021

Hi where do I apply to have my allocated Dean Boxall Enthusiastic Head Cheerleader I need someone to hype me after I complete menial tasks at home

— corgi (@courtwhip) July 26, 2021

My pup when I say we're going to the dog park #TokyoOlympics

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) July 26, 2021

Australian swim coach Dean Boxall's celebration set to @JohnCena 's entrance music… 🔊🔊

— Ben Heisler (@bennyheis) July 26, 2021

Just want to watch a video of Australia swim coach Dean Boxall losing his mind, while a somewhat terrified #Olympics staffer tries to calm/redirect him, on a loop forever.

— Matt Brickman (@Matt_Brickman) July 26, 2021

Ask and you shall receive! 😂Dean Boxall with Ultimate Warrior music!Go Australia and Congrats Ariarne Titmus! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺#Tokyo2020 #OlympicGames #Swimming #AUS #TokyoTogether #olympics

— Todd TEAM AUS 🇦🇺 ( “MAMBA 4 LIFE !”) (@cyrilicioushawk) July 26, 2021

It feels like we’re going to need Matthew McConaughey to play Dean Boxall in some sort of movie

— Tom Eschen (@TomEschenJr) July 26, 2021 Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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