A gunman opened fire on a line of people outside a night club in Kansas City, Missouri, killing one and wounding 15 more before being shot dead by a security guard, local media reported, citing police.

According to police, the suspect began shooting into a line of people that had formed in front of a crowded club 9ine Ultra Lounge.

The shooter killed a woman in a parking lot, after which he was gunned down by a security guard.

BREAKING: @kcpolice & @CityOfIndepMO police on scene of a shooting at a nightclub on Highway 40 off South Noland Road. @41actionnews pic.twitter.com/uLgzLtgfLM

— Andres Gutierrez (@AFGutierrez) January 20, 2020

Some reports indicate that the suspect had tried to get into the club before he used his firearm.

The club’s Facebook page said that it was holding a sold-out celebration party after the local football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won the AFC championship on Sunday to go to their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Two shootings had previously occurred at nightclubs in the US on Sunday night.

A patron opened fire at the Ventura bar in San Antonio, Texas, killing two and wounding five.

Shots were also fired at the Truth Night Bar in Memphis, Tennessee, leaving one person dead and four injured.

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