White House reporter April Ryan told CNN’s Don Lemon that Sarah Sanders wanted to start a physical fight with her.

April Ryan: “To say ‘you don’t know me’ in certain quarters of this country – that starts a physical fight.”

She actually thinks @PressSec wanted to physically fight her.

These people are unhinged. pic.twitter.com/WpDHS1GOi0

— Based Monitored ???? (@BasedMonitored) May 4, 2018

At a recent White House Press Conference, Ryan told Sanders she seemed “blindsided” by a comment made by Rudy Guiliani, and Sanders replied, “Well, with all due respect, you actually don’t know much about me in terms of what I feel and what I don’t.”

Ryan twisted Sanders’ comment during an interview with Don Lemon, saying, “For Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the presidential spokesperson, the mouthpiece for the President of the United States, to say, ‘You don’t know me,’ in certain quarters in this nation, that starts a physical fight. I was very shocked. It was street. I will even go beyond that, it was gutter.”

Ryan and Sanders have gotten into it before and this tiff will probably not be the last.

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