All of New Orleans is without power amid the ongoing assault by Hurricane Ida, the local energy company said Sunday night.

Entergy Louisiana told The Times-Picayune that Ida had already caused “catastrophic transmission damage” affecting the entire city. The only power in New Orleans is now coming from generators.

“Hurricane Ida’s intensity has caused catastrophic damage in its path, including a load imbalance to the company’s transmission and generation,” Entergy Louisiana wrote on Twitter. “We’re making every effort to learn more and rectify.”

@EntergyNOLA has confirmed that New Orleans has no power. The only power in the city is coming from generators. #Ida

— NOLA Ready (@nolaready) August 30, 2021

Ida hit the Louisiana coastline as a Category 4 behemoth, lashing the state with 150-mph winds, tying as the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever hit the mainland U.S. It weakened to a Category 3 storm as it closed in on New Orleans, but the sheer size of Ida threatened the massive levee system that has been rebuilt and strengthened around the iconic city.

At least one person has died in Louisiana. Authorities said a man was killed when a tree fell on his home in Ascension Parish, south of Baton Rouge.

The National Weather Service’s New Orleans office said later Sunday that it expected strong winds and heavy rain throughout the night, urging residents to remain sheltered in place.

“This is going to be much stronger than we usually see and, quite frankly, if you had to draw up the worst possible path for a hurricane in Louisiana, it would be something very, very close to what we’re seeing,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) told The Associated Press.

Earlier Sunday, the governor warned residents that: “Nobody should be expecting that, tonight, a first responder is going to be able to answer a call for help.”

Montegut and Bourg firefighters cut through trees on the road in Bourg, Louisiana as Hurricane Ida passes on August 29, 2021. MARK FELIX via Getty Images Montegut and Bourg firefighters cut through trees on the road in Bourg, Louisiana as Hurricane Ida passes on August 29, 2021.

The city’s Sewerage and Water Board, which operates a vast network of pumps and drainage systems, said it, too, had lost all power from Entergy, complicating efforts to remove the city’s sewage and stormwater.

“The Entergy loss of power is a significant loss of power for our 60 hz pumps and the 25 [herz] pumps we power through the frequency changers, but we are using our self-generated sources of power to drain stormwater and pump drinking water into the city,” the SWB said on Twitter. “In order to prevent sewage backups, we have asked residents to limit water usage at home, thus decreasing the amount of wastewater we must remove.”

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