ABC News reported Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security has blocked an intelligence bulletin that warned Russia is actively pushing the notion that Joe Biden is in mental decline as a way of helping President Trump get reelected.

The report states that the bulletin, which was due to be issued to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, was blocked due to a lack of any actual evidence.

But, ABC reported it anyway:

LOL. Is this laying the groundwork for “Anyone commenting on Joe’s decline is in league with Russia” takes.

Good luck with that!

— Curtis Johnson (@cjohnson999) September 2, 2020

It’s the exact same playbook as 2016, when Hillary Clinton was seen collapsing in public practically everyday:

so basically any legitimate grievance or concern of citizens is a Russian plot…

— Rodoftruth ☻☄☄☄⌛ (@Rodoftruth1) September 2, 2020

Some commented that they don’t need anyone to corroborate that Biden is in decline they only have to listen to him for a few minutes:

dude i don’t need putin to tell me this, i’ve just watched biden soeak

— conservativeteen (@conserv79456336) September 2, 2020

In a rare media appearance yesterday, Biden again appeared lost and confused, repeatedly turning to aids for help, while making wild claims and nonsensical flubs.

Alex Jones breaks down Joe Biden’s latest display of mental deterioration as he made insanely wild claims about the covid-19 death toll.

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