The Air Force One chefs served up this dish with a Halloween twist on Monday:

The food on Air Force One today, via the press pool

— Michelle Kosinski (@MichLKosinski) October 28, 2019

But there was one element of the meal that left folks on Twitter scratching their heads. Namely, what was on the plate in the upper left corner of the tray?

Yes, it could be the next big internet mystery,” wrote CNN’s senior diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski, who shared an image of the food online. “Is it chicken n gravy, or scone n frosting? Is it black and pink, or yellow and white? A trick, or treat? America demands answers.”

And answers, people on Twitter attempted to provide:

What's on the top left? Is that an apple fritter?

— jordan (@JordanUhl) October 28, 2019

I'm sorry what is this

— Pete (@feathereddinos) October 28, 2019

Is that a chicken thigh or a scone on the side? My co-workers and I are in a fight about it.

— Olivia Harrison (@OH19) October 28, 2019

Looks like a heavily frosted mutant cinnamon roll.

— Rob Rainbolt (@Rob_Rainbolt) October 28, 2019

This reminds me, I should rewatch 'David Cronenberg's The Fly'.

— Turning Pint (@DefinedPolitik) October 28, 2019

What's that hideous raw organ, top left??

— David Rhoden (@davidrhoden) October 28, 2019

I’m going with: pumpkin spice scone with a maple glaze. Where do I pickup my prize?

— Jim Gomes (@jimgomes) October 28, 2019

Good god is that a human heart on the smaller plate

— Jeff Turrentine (@JeffTurrentine) October 28, 2019


— A Proper Villain (@Vnorman007) October 28, 2019

That piece of raw chicken looks delicious.

— Mary (@mariootsa) October 28, 2019

What’s the thing in upper left corner? Is that a frozen sloth head or a roll of some kind?

— Diane Smith (@enaidhtims) October 28, 2019

Still going with cinnamon roll with knees 😖

— Ghoul-ianna Arnim 👻 (@juliannajarnim) October 28, 2019

I think it’s an apple bread pudding with vanilla sauce

— Janice (@JaniceDevereux1) October 29, 2019

I love a chicken breast with donut glaze, that's real good eats

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