(CNN)The coronavirus pandemic has dampened a lot of people’s love lives. But for one New York couple, it has inspired a new and exciting way to rekindle romance in their relationship.

With many public places shut, Jasmin and Dean Gaskin have spent a lot of time at home, watching movies with their two kids, renovating their apartment, and learning how to cook new meals.But eventually, the couple was itching to get outside and experience the real world again. That’s when they came up with the idea for pop-up dinners.”It all started back in July when we were planning our fifth wedding anniversary. We couldn’t travel because of Covid-19,” Dean Gaskin told CNN. “We were supposed to be in Mexico, but we decided we still wanted dinner on a beach, so we went to Coney Island and set up a little private table with candles and flowers and we caught the sunset.”Jasmin Gaskin on the couple's first pop-up dinner on Coney Island.Jasmin Gaskin on the couple's first pop-up dinner on Coney Island.Jasmin Gaskin on the couple’s first pop-up dinner on Coney Island.High school sweethearts, the Gaskins have been together for 20 years and married for five. Throughout their relationship, they often found themselves united over their love for spontaneous adventures and creative ideas.Read MoreThey chose pop-up dinners over outdoor dining, which is now allowed in New York City, because they didn’t feel ready to start going out with other people.Dean Gaskin, who is an avid fan of decorating, said the dates require little more than dinner and a cheap table and chair set, along with some essential romantic extras like candles and flowers.On Tuesday, the two headed out to their fourth pop-up dinner date. This time, the lovebirds set up a table on the pedestrian section of the Brooklyn Bridge where they watched the sunset and stunning view of the Manhattan skyline.Despite some side eyes and a few comments, Dean Gaskin said people usually respond to their dates with “a lot of love and excitement and admiration for romance.” The Brooklyn Bridge pop-up dinner especially caught people’s attention, with photos and videos of the couple going viral on Twitter.

GASKIN POP-UP DINNERS: Brooklyn Bridge pic.twitter.com/KASKujJd3d

— Dean Gaskin (@CoachDeanBK) August 12, 2020 “It’s definitely inspiring people to think outside the box,” Jasmin Gaskin told CNN. “A simple picnic in the park goes a long way. It was just taco Tuesday on the Brooklyn Bridge and it somehow picked up headlines and just made waves.”Now Dean Gaskin is sharing photos of their dates — which so far include Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rockaway Beach and the Brooklyn Bridge — online to help inspire other couples to live more adventurously and enjoy their time together.

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