(CNN)When Russia launched a dawn assault on Ukraine on February 24 — attacking the nation from the north, south and east and surging troops towards the capital Kyiv — it stunned the Western world and threw Ukraine’s nearly 44 million inhabitants into a panic.

The ensuing six months of war between Europe’s two largest nations have wrought death on a mass scale and forced millions from their homes. The battlefield has dramatically shifted across the country, but wherever the conflict has traveled, it has left ruinous devastation in its wake.Half a year into the war, the magnitude of the conflict can be measured not only in weaponry and territory but in its ever-spiraling human cost. Civilians, in their thousands, have become victims of the fighting, while those who escaped have fled across Europe in an effort to rebuild their lives.Once a prosperous and young European country, parts of Ukraine now lie in ruins. These figures demonstrate the scale of Europe’s worst conflict since World War II.

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