(CNN)Four victims and an apparent shooter have been found dead at two homes in northwest Wisconsin, authorities said.

Two bodies were discovered when deputies responded around 10:30 p.m. Sunday to a report of a shooting in the village of Lake Hallie, Chippewa County Sheriff James Kowalczyk told CNN affiliate WQOW.“We located two people who were deceased, one being the shooter. … Other family members at the residence were shot” and taken to a local hospital for treatment, Kowalczyk told WQOW.Three more victims were found when deputies about four hours later went to a home in the town of Lafayette, about 10 miles away, to notify relatives of the Lake Hallie victim, Kowalczyk said. “We finally forced our way in, and we found three other victims of a homicide,” he said.Read MoreThe shooter’s motive wasn’t immediately clear, the sheriff told WQOW. More information will be released early Tuesday afternoon, he said.’This is a shock’The string of deaths has rocked the tight-knit community about 100 miles east of Minneapolis. Barbara Potts, of Lake Hallie, heard “five or six pops” overnight Sunday and thought they might be firecrackers, she told WQOW. The killings have hit her neighborhood hard, she said.”Very shook up,” Potts told WQOW. “I told the policeman, ‘You never come here. You don’t have to come on this street.’ We’re very quiet; everybody knows everybody. This is a shock.”Brennan Thorgerson, of Lafayette, thought he heard a mortar go off around 9 or 10 p.m., he told WQOW.Those killed were part of a nice, normal family, he said. “Very quiet people, they kept to themselves,” Thorgerson told WQOW. “They’d talk and give you a nice wave. Very normal family. I’d say there wasn’t anything weird going on around here, and they never seemed to have family problems or anything like that.”

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