Story highlightsHere are answers to the most frequently asked questions about CNN Heroes votingVote for the CNN Hero of the Year through Tuesday, Dec. 12The Hero of the Year will be revealed during ‘CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute'”CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” airs live on CNN and CNNgo Monday, December 18 at 1a.m. GMT

(CNN)Voting is underway to select the 2017 CNN Hero of the Year.

For a detailed guide on voting methods (through and by Facebook Messenger), please see CNN Heroes: How to Vote.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)Q: What’s the easiest way to vote for the 2017 CNN Hero of the Year?A: Go to from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device – and click VOTE. You’ll be directed to our Voting Page, where you may vote up to TEN TIMES a day, EVERY day, by each of these THREE methods:Read MoreUsing your email address;Using your Facebook ID;Through Facebook Messenger (click ‘Message Us’).To vote with both an email address and Facebook ID, you’ll need to log off and start the voting process again, using the alternate method.Q: Do I have to go through the Voting Page to vote?A: Yes, if you want to reach the maximum permitted 30 votes/day. You can only vote with an email address and/or Facebook ID via the Voting Page. However, you can vote on Messenger through the CNN Heroes Facebook page (click ‘Message’ at the top of the page).Q: Why are the Heroes photos in different positions every time I vote on Facebook Messenger?A: Our voting pages “randomize” the photos, to make sure the same person doesn’t always appear first. All the Top 10 CNN Heroes images rotate through in a different sequence, so they all have equal exposure.Q: What is the checkbox that says ‘I’m not a robot’?A: This is a security feature called reCAPTCHA. It’s a more modern version of what you have likely seen on other sites that require you to decipher hard-to-read letters and numbers to submit a vote or message. Most of the time, you can simply click the box to confirm your vote.Q: Why am I sometimes asked to check boxes that display street signs, cars, roads, storefronts, etc.?A: The more you vote from the same device or IP address, the more likely you are to see this additional security measure. Patience! They don’t take too long, and it will keep generating new options if you don’t successfully ‘confirm’ on the first try. Q: I got a message that says I’ve already voted today – but I haven’t! What happened?A: Our voting “day” resets at 12 midnight PT. For voters in other parts of the world, it’s possible that voting late at night and again in the morning may trigger such a message. We suggest voting the same time of day, every day.Q: Can I share my vote on Facebook and Twitter?A: Yes! You can share your vote right from the Voting Page. Look for the ‘Share Your Vote’ Twitter and Facebook icons right after you vote. When users post to their wall or tweet their support, they’re helping to generate even more votes for their favorite CNN Hero. Both Facebook and Twitter shares include a link that goes directly to our voting page.Q: Can I vote via the CNN app?A: Unfortunately, voting is not enabled on the CNN mobile app.Q: Do you show who is leading in voting?A: No. All of our Top 10 CNN Heroes are equally deserving, and we simply don’t want to imply otherwise by showing how one is doing relative to another during the voting period. Within these guidelines, we just encourage all to do their best to “get out the vote” through their network of supporters.Q: When does voting end?A: Voting continues through Tuesday, December 12, 2017 (11:59 pm PT). This allows West Coast voters to vote until midnight Sunday (technically, 3 a.m. ET, Wednesday, December 13).Q: When will you disclose the CNN Hero of the Year?A: CNN’s Anderson Cooper and co-host Kelly Ripa will reveal this year’s Hero of the Year during our live global telecast, “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute,” Sunday, December 17 (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT)VOTING DISCLOSURESFor more on the 2017 CNN Heroes and to donate to the causes they support, visit

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